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Renewal Offer

It was bad enough that BT sent me an email 3 months ago urging me to renew despite the fact that my existing contract still had 6 months left to run.

But today I got an email telling me I had 90 days left, with a great offer:

Why renew?
You'll get Fibre 1 paying the same as what you're paying today.

Now, it still seems a bit early to renew, and I guess it would mean I'd lose my existing free anytime calls package, but I figured it might be worth a look.

Sadly, their maths doesn't seem too good, as what they're actually offering is "what I'm paying today" + £5. Sometimes I despair.

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Re: Renewal Offer

 From my experience, customer service is so bad that I’d rather pay twice any other company just to not have to deal with them ever again... Their system is a joke, nothing ever goes the way it should be... order, request, change, cancellation... nothing goes as it should. And that is after hours of staying on hold, getting passed from person to person. People promising the situation is fixed only for you to find out later on that nothing has changed and you need to wait on a call for hours again. 

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Re: Renewal Offer

I should probably put the record straight, it seems the offer was valid, but the email delivering it was badly flawed.

So the email contained a 'Renew now' button which when clicked took me to my BT login page. Once logged in there was another 'Renew' button which when clicked offered me a deal that was £5 more than my existing one.

However, the email also contained a 'Find out more' button. When this was clicked using my default browser it took me to a page with just a BT header, the body of the page was blank. Fortunately, I eventually thought to try another browser which worked and did indeed allow me to extend my existing deal at the same price.

Quite why they make it so difficult is beyond me.


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Re: Renewal Offer

I didn't like the renewal deals offered by BT. But I kept rechecking - the deals offered seemed to vary quite often, from "pay more than you do now" to "pay a LOT more than you do now". Eventually on the very last day of my old contract, they offered me a renewal that was cheaper than the previous contract. And I got to keep my Anytime calls deal too.

My advice it to not hurry, check nearer the time, or when your contract is really ending.
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