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Renewal - or not

We have had notification that our Line Rental Saver is ending soon and we would like to explore changing to Superfast broadband that has just been installed in our area as we do experience very slow speeds and annoying breaks in service on the current landline.  As there are other providers who will offer us a better deal we wondered what BT could offer as prices for new customers seem much more favourable than those offered to existing loyal customers.


We have tried contacting 150 but cannot find the right option and just end up going round in circles pressing option buttons.  Please can someone tell us who to contact to discuss our requirements.

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Re: Renewal - or not

try options team 0800800030  they are uk based


you will not get the same deal or anywhere near it as you are an existing customer upgrading to fibre  if you had just been renewing your adsl connection then you could get a better deal

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Re: Renewal - or not

You need to talk to the UK based Customer Options Team.

Try 0800 800 030 or 0800 800 150 and say 'cancel' when asked to state what your query is about. That should put you through to that team who deal with customer retentions, options and re-contracting. Check you are talking to the right dept and then ask them what Infinity package deal they can offer if you agree to re-contract things for at least another 12 months. You don't have to order anything right there and then.