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Renewed Broadband price error

Recently offered an upgrade via MYBT to Fibre with Halo 1, at the same cost as my current package. When upgrading the small print confirmed that ‘Your discount for your broadband will be extended for 24 months as your broadband has been recontracted’. However when I received my bill the discount for my broadband no longer appeared, and my broadband cost was far greater. I did call BT as I couldn’t see any other way to resolve this, and credit to them they confirmed this shouldn’t have happened, and would be passed across to another team to resolve, I would then be emailed once it had been. It’s been over a week now, I’ve had my payment taken for this increased amount, and  I’ve not heard anything. I get due to the current situation these things my take longer to resolve, which is why I am reluctant to call again as there are likely to be those with more urgent needs than mine, but I wondered if any other users from their own recent billing experiences might be able to give a timescale for there issue being resolved.

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Re: Renewed Broadband price error


Try ringing 0800 800 030, they should be able to update you, as they only deal with contract renewals.

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Re: Renewed Broadband price error

Thanks. Tried calling that no. appears they’ve diverted it to their 150 no. Went through the options press 1 etc.. and managed to speak with the correct team. All resolved, hopefully. Just waiting on email confirmation.

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