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Rental Charges



I have some qns about the rental charges being applied to my account. The calling plan I am on is stated as having only line rental charges of £11.54, yet on my latest bill my rental charges are detailed as a basic fee of £16.02 with an 'Account Level' credit of £2.99.


I am completely mystified by where these numbers have come from. Is it possible for someone to explain please?


thank you  

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Re: Rental Charges

Suggest you go to this link :-


Fill in the form and they will contact you

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Re: Rental Charges

right, tried that last Thursday. Stil no response, not even an acknowledgement. Anybody else any ideas? Any of the moderators on here able to do anything?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Rental Charges

Hi jec1968,


Here are some things you can check, that may help you figure it out:


What package are you on for your line? Although line rental is £11.54 per month, if you get a package like the anytime one, you are charged line rental, and for the actual package.


Did you get an extended contract with a discount (could be the £2.99)?


Most important thing to check on your bill is the dates it shows with the charge, although line BT line rental is £11.54 per month, you may have started or changed your package midway through a month, so you get charged the advance month (as normal), and then any additional part of the month that you started or changed package from.


Also if you changed up a package in the middle of a month, you will get your advance charges for the new package, then refunded for the part month you have already payed for the old package (the previous bills advance charges) and then charged the part month for the new package.


Yep, it can seem a bit confusing when it's on a bill, but once you get the basic idea, the BT bill is a lot easier to understand, especially if you've been changing packages a lot.


Hope this helps, although as i think it could be a simple explanation for it, you could try an online chat and they should be able to get it sorted in a jiffy (online chat is between 9am and 6pm), go to the contact pages ( and then pick one of the 'Using' options, some of them have a chat tab that appears durting their opening hours.





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