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Repeated cancellations of fibre broadband order

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I migrated to BT Business from Talk Talk when we had repeated broadband issues and was promised a better life with BT.  We migrated successfully onto our standard 1Mbps package (we are rural and suffer from slow speeds) and an order was raised for fibre broadband (our exchange has recently been upgraded and our neighbour down the road has speeds of 16Mbps). Our BT Hub5 arrived a few days before activation date.  On the morning of first Feb when our line was due to be activated, we waited in for a BT engineer whom we were told by email and telephone call would be arriving in the morning.  No engineer arrived and when I rang BT I was told our broadband order had been cancelled at 11am that morning.  Over the next few days I spent a total of 14 hours on the phone and online via live chat to various assistants, all of whom said a new order would be raised.   No email confirmation of these supposed orders were ever received into our inbox.  No assistant who promised to call back did despite texts saying when they would call.  All of the assistants said that the new order was being 'expedited' and we would be up and running in 5 working days.


I have raised a formal complaint with BT (acknowedged, but yet to receive a formal reply), but I am still completely in the dark.  BT promised me Fibre Broadband.  They haven't delivered and they can't explain why the order was cancelled.  Best they can come up with is 'cancelled due to system errors'.  I have done all the chasing.  BT has never contacted me about this.  I am livid, helpless.  I am a BT migrant, promised a better life with them in the new land of Fibre, but it seems I am denied entry.  Can anyone out there help me?

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Re: Repeated cancellations of fibre broadband order

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This is a forum for BT consumer. For BT business, please visit
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