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Replacement Humax DTRT1000 faulty.

Two weeks ago my old DTRT1000 (original Humax box from BT without branding) finally gave up the ghost and an engineer came round and said I needed a new YV box. Was surprised that he gave me an old refurbished DTRT100 (with BT branding) but it seemed to work so didn't really care.


A few days later it has become very temperamental and sometimes takes a reboot to get it working. When it does finally start I'll have trouble pausing, getting into menus and various other faults.


If I ring BT again (an hour of troubles) I know I'll have to wait in for another engineer and really can't afford more time off.


As I am out of BTTV contract period and just on a rolling contract can I just cancel and then resubscribe and hopefully get a newer more reliable box?

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