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Replacement for my Home Hub 5

Hi Everyone,


I am looking to replace my home hub 5.  I am on infinity 1 unlimited as i can only get a max speed of 25mb/s.  I have a number of devices running on the network including a NAS, 3 mobiles, 2 tablets, android box and an xbox one.  Sometimes these are all online at the same time.  I have been trying to set up QoS on HH5 but i cannot find a way of doing this.


I have been looking for a straight replacement modem/router combo to replace the HH5 which will still give me the same or better speeds to my devices.  The HH5 currently drops out a few times most days and when a few devices are online others will stop working even a low res youtube video will stop.


I have looked at the TPlink TD-W9980 but i have been told that this is only 801.11n and i should get a 801.11ac router.  I am no networking expert so any advice would be good.  My budget isn't huge, around £100.  Could anyone give me some advice please?


Also probably a silly question so i apologise in advance.  My android box, xbox one and smart tv are connected via cat 6a ethernet cable so will it really matter if it is n or ac or is that purely the wifi?  I have two mobiles that can use ac wifi but given my slowish fibre would it make a huge difference if i got an 801.11n?


Many thanks



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Re: Replacement for my Home Hub 5


In reality there's not a great advantage in AC.  Folks will no doubt dispute this statement but my Fritzbox 3390 is N rated and can register download speeds of 74Mbps via wireless on  Infinity 2.  So, would I get faster transfers with AC?   You can only get as fast as your connection.  Perhaps internal LAN transfers would be quicker but so what.  According to Windows I get local data transfers between 10 and 13 MBps, that's megabytes not megabits.

Billion, Netgear, TP-Link, Fritzbox are all quite good, just remember to get one that supports VDSL.

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Re: Replacement for my Home Hub 5

With your budget the TP-Link is a good option.


Personally I use an Asus DSL-AC68U which I consider to be very good in all aspects but more expensive at £150+. My N devices - I've no AC devices - can hit my Infinity speeds of 45Mbps with ease.


So as Liam points out N speeds are generally more than adequate.

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Re: Replacement for my Home Hub 5

I have used a TP Link TD -W9980 for about 2 years now and it is rock solid. As others have said, unless you are using the wireless LAN for streaming or data transfer within the LAN, your governing speed factor will be your DSL connection.

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