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Replacement router for BT Smart Hub (Superfast Fibre 2)

Hi all,

I have BT's Superfast Finre 2 (Unlimited) package and a BT Smart Hub. I'm on my 6th BT router now. The last engineer visited today and, by his own admission, said they were rubbish!

I've been thinking for a while of getting an alternative router, but have been concerned over compatibility.

Could anyone give me a suggestion on what I could replace it with? WOuld happily get an Asus, TP-Link, etc...

I'd even consider shelling out and getting one with 4G failover, though that may be a luxury.

Any recommendations on compatible routers with the type of line I have would be great.

Reason I hesitate is because I once tried to replace it with a cheap eBay router and couldn;t get it to work.

Thanks in advance.


In terms or requirements, I'm really only looking at reliability and some parental controls, not much more than that. The 4G failover would be a nice to have...


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Re: Replacement router for BT Smart Hub (Superfast Fibre 2)

Welcome to this user forum. @omega1

There have been plenty of suggestions on this forum.

My personal recommendation is The TP-Link TD-W9970. (about £40)

It also has a USB port which you can plug a 3G or 4G dongle for fallback.

It has parental and access controls as well.


Emulator for demonstration

It hold a good solid connection, provided you do not have a faulty phone line.

More details and setup on request, which  covers alll of the issues you mentioned.


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