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Re: Reply ASAP Please!!!

And with a Business level service you get a Business level response for repairs/breakdowns/compensation etc, not a residential service level response which if you are working from home can mean that you will NOT be working from home for quite a few days.



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Re: Reply ASAP Please!!!

I have never known BT to go out of their way to detect people using their residential phone or broadband services for the occasional work-related reason.  I don't suppose they care either way if you use your broadband to upload a few files to a small business web server, or check your emails.


But if you complain loudly on a public web foum that you're losing business because your residential service isn't working, then you shouldn't expect too much sympathy (and even less compensation) from BT.


The other point I sometimes make is that residential services effectively have no Service Level Agreement.  Openreach will try to locate faults within 3 working days.  But that's not guaranteed.  Nor is it guaranteed that they will fix the fault immediately when they find it.  If you really need a reliable connection for your business, you should be prepared to pay for a service that does come with a SLA.