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Re: Report a Scam call

Thank goodness, about time
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Re: Report a Scam call

I regret to have to report that I received a series of scam calls from an Indian voice claiming to be from Openreach, telling me my broadband was not delivering its rated speed due to programs on my computer affecting my router.

Usual clues:

1) Please run the command line command eventvwr (Event Viewer), look at admin and hey look all these errors to do with your router. When I commented these are quite normal and nothing to do with my router we went on to:

2) Run the command the command line command assoc (Associate)  and I can tell you the CLSID number assigned to your router. Usual long string starting .ZFSendToTarget

At this point I ran out of time to bait him further,

but the scam goes on.


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Re: Report a Scam call

I have just attempted to use your online system for reporting scam calls Scam calls | BT Help but it needs a rewrite. If you volunteer to give extra information it asks if the caller got access to your computer . If you say no it still asks about what they did. It asks if they took any money and if you say no it asks details of how they took the money. It does not ask sufficient questions about the scam call itself so other people could be forewarned. The temptation is to give up at that point and I am sure you want people to continue to report scam calls.

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Re: Report a Scam call

Afraid I gave up reporting scam calls to BT some months ago. The
whocalledme site is a good source of information of current scams and numbers used, although the numbers change rapidly .
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Re: Report a Scam call

hi get a truecall blocker. its great it will stop the calls. 

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Re: Report a Scam call

Yes Truecall is brilliant.

We got it with BT Shop's Premium Phone, which incorporates Truecall.  Quirky, complicated, may need Digital Voice Adapter to work out the best base position in very solid or large properties.  May have extra features over the separate Truecall.  Uses Bluetooth to quickly store to its whitelist complete contact lists from two mobiles, 1000 each, plus another 1000 in a hand editable list.

Took us a while, but we finally seem to have 100% protection and fairly convenient maintenance the whitelist contacts.

A final note.  If you need to get WITHELD calls, you can 'allow' them all and with Call Protect (free with Digital Voice) you can blacklist individual WITHELD numbers using 1572 as they come in.  BT keeps the numbers, even when withheld from you.  The Call Protect page for Recent Callers seems not to handle these properly,  but after using 1572 right after the call, the Withheld added shows up in the My Blacklist page  with the time is was added. 

Richard for Elsa and me.

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