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Requesting help disabling BT WIFI

Hi there im looking for help disableing bt wifi, i opted out to both bt fon and bt wifi via there respective pages about a month ago but the smart hub is still transmitting a very erractic signal, in fact im convinced its the cause of some of my other wireless problems as when i got the hub when it first came out it was disabled and the wireless was great but since it auto activated ive had wireless problems to want it disabled as part of my diagenostics.


ive tryied logging back into the bt fon page to check service status but apparantly my whole bt email has been deleted from the system, bt fon doesnt reconise it and neither does the bt email portal.


Plus i dont use it as i have a very generious 20gb 4g mobile allowance and i dont have a laptop/tablet.


Id like to request help from the mods to disable the system please.

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Re: Requesting help disabling BT WIFI

Hi Andi,


I've just come through to the other side after trying to disable my BTWifi.  I was just getting nowhere with my efforts to disable it but was lucky enough to have caught the attention of one of the Mods who helped me and disabled it for me.  However, the day after it was disabled i found it had returned to be Active.  My post was picked up again by a Mod and he escalated it with the Hub team.  As a consequence, it is now Not Active, which is what i was striving for.  Whatever you do, don't mark your post as 'Solved' until you've left it a few days and are absolutely sure that your Status etc in the Hub Manager still says Not Active.

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Re: Requesting help disabling BT WIFI

Hi @AndyCoffin,


When you opt out of BT WiFi, it can take up to 28 days for the Hub to stop Broadcasting the BT WiFi signal. If its more than 28 days from you opted out, I'll be able to help you take a look at this for you.


Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?