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Requesting moderator help please

Long story short, there's a fault on my phone line - it's incredibly noisy, the line is virtually unusable and likewise, my broadband barely functions. I reported the fault on March 5th, arranged for an engineer to visit - who didn't show up. The visit was rearranged for the 18th March. That engineer did show up, tested my line, and determined that the fault is not on my property, it's roughly 80 metres further along the road - however he was unable to track it down at the time. He said it would need further investigation and that someone else would be out "probably tomorrow", and wouldn't need me to be at home - because again, the fault is not on my property. Needless to say, that didn't happen, the fault is still there.


I tried emailing customer support, asking what the situation was and when I could expect it to be fixed. I specifically asked to be contacted via email because... hello, the phone line is faulty. I also gave an alternative phone number. A short while later... they called me - ON THE FAULTY PHONE LINE. I had it redirecting to my mobile, which, for added fun, didn't have a signal at the time (I'm out in the sticks), so it went straight to voicemail. I got the call centre telling me I needed to book an engineer to visit my property to test the line.


What? As I specifically said in my email, I've already had an engineer out to test the line!


Again, I sent an email, quoting the reference number of the original, again stating that the fault is not on my property, again requesting that they NOT call me on the FAULTY PHONE LINE, instead to get in touch either via email or by the alternative phone number which I again provided.


Today they called me again. Take a guess which number they called. The line is practically unusable. I can't make out what the person at the other end is saying, and I'm sure they're in the same situation. This is beyond frustrating.


Oh, and again, they said I'd need to book an engineer's visit.


So... help, please? I just want to know what the situation is now, is it still in the system to be fixed? The fault report still says it's expected to be fixed on Wednesday the 18th. Well... no. Do I really need to book another engineer when the first one has already determined there's nothing wrong in my house or on my property? Surely the first one has passed on that it needs work done further along the road, no?


And for even more fun, whoever called me today also cancelled the call diversion I had set up, and I no longer have the option for it. So now, ALL calls to that faulty line are stuck there. Fantastic.


I would appreciate any assistance on this.



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Re: Requesting moderator help please

Hi Artelis,


Thanks for your post and welcome back!


Sorry for the problems you're having making and receiving calls on your line due to the noise.  I can definitely understand the frustration from being called on the faulty number and especially now that the call diversion has been taken off and that these calls no longer go to your mobile.


No need to worry as we'll pick this up and get you sorted out from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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Re: Requesting moderator help please

Link clicked and mail sent!


Thank you!

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