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Resolving an Unauthorized Cease on Line


I changed service provider to WarwickNet from EE at the beginning of last month, as only Warwick could offer VDSL. It was good for three months, then a cease was put on my phone line. Warwick and EE both say they  have been in touch with Openreach and have accepted the answer that they 'don't know' who initiated it.  How do I resolve this as I cannot contact Openreach directly?

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Re: Resolving an Unauthorized Cease on Line

HI @IanRzz

You will need to contact WarwickNet and ask who gave permission to put a cease on the line as they were your supplier at the time and they can contact Openreach. Follow the complaints procedure for your supplier and if they do not offer a reasonable reply contact the ombudsman.





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Re: Resolving an Unauthorized Cease on Line

You don't contact OR , your provider does, and as your provider isn't BT Consumer, then posting on a BT Consumer forum isn't likely to help,  you never had a contract with OR, your provider does (or did) and it's up to them to deal with OR on your behalf, asking BT to get involved when you are not even a BT customer is pointless , if Warwicknet don't help you and ask you to find out what the problem is, perhaps it's time to consider if they are the right provider for you

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