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Re: Retro sweets...

Great shout wedding - rhubarb and sugar!  My nana used to grow rhubarb in her back garden, we used to pick it fresh and then dip in a cup of sugar... v tasty!!  Doesn't seem the same out of a supermarket and a plastic bag...


Sparkle ice lollies anyone?  they were only 20p or 25p and tasted just like lemonade...not sure if you still get them?



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Re: Retro sweets...

Jubbly Orange Drink, it was frozen when bought and it was so cool on hot day. As kids we loved it and it was only a few coppers to buy.

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Re: Retro sweets...

My absolute favourite from years back has to be Sweet Tobacco (aka Coconut Tobacco or Spanish Gold) !!  I absolutely LOVED this as a kid and spent just about all my spending money on it !!  


I have looked everywhere over the years trying to find it again ....... and, about six months ago, finally did !!!


I bought a MASSIVE 1KG bagful from an online sweet shop called all occasionssweetshop



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