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Reward Card Expired

I had been waiting for my pre-paid Visa card to arrive since taking out a BT package.  After a while I forgot about it, but went to claim it last week but found (after much seraching to find the claim page!) that I had no rewards to claim as my card had expired.  While signing up to BT online to this particular deal, it wasnt made clear that I had a limited time to claim, only that I had to activate it within 3 months of receiving it (thinking it would arrive automatically, as with other providers).


I've tried calling and using the online chat to explain but I can't seem to get anywhere.


As I understand it now, a claim needs to be made within 3 months of joining and then you have a further 3 months to activate it once recieved.  What I dont understand is why it makes a difference when the card is claimed for, so long as its activated within 6 months of joining?


The main reason I joined was for the reward card to make it value for money.  On hearing BT will be increasing their prices soon, I will likley use the opportunity to move to another provider.


Maybe somebody here could point me in the right direction of how I communicate to somebody who can help sort this out.


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Re: Reward Card Expired

What makes you think BT want to sort it out?  From their point-of-view, it's completely sorted.

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Re: Reward Card Expired

A simple Google search shows: ''You must claim your BT Reward Card once your broadband is installed and you have 3 months from this date to claim. After 3 months your claim will expire and you will no longer be able to claim. (If your order was placed before the 1st JULY 2016, then the 6 month claim period still applies)''

It is not BT's responsibility if you fail to check the terms of claiming your reward card.

If this was the main reason for joining, as you say, then I personally would have looked into it more, rather than just assume it would be sent to me. (As your post mentions this is what some other providers do)

Also if you are intending to leave there isn't much action BT would take.

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Re: Reward Card Expired

Please any helpful replies would be appreciated as looking at other users posts they have had a card sent out to them and the issue resolved once they posted on the community forum and they have been in exactly the same situation as myself. The expiry date was also only week ago. 

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Re: Reward Card Expired

Precisely the same situation.  £125 card, 'expired' a week ago.


Kicking myself, yes. But terribly sneaky on BT's part.


I have 2 mobile contracts to place as well - also with the rewards card incentive offered. 


That bit of the T&C - where choose not to exercise a clause, doesn't mean they cant' ....



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