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Reward car wrong amount amongst other problems

Hi I recently signed up for bt fibre, moving away from sky.

It;s been probem after problem, initially the order was cancelled and re-issued for some unkown reason but when they did this they did not order the home hub so when activation day came around i have nothing to plug in leaving me without broadband for two days (i know its only two days but my entire house runs on an internet connection using netflix for tv. etc. so a bit of a shock to the system)

My home number was changed, no idea this was going to hapen and only realised when a relative couldnt get hold of me

Someone did phone to applogise about having no service ans said they would ring back to offer some form of compensation as well as make sure my internet is working, this never happened all i received was a generic text message.

Getting to the point i finally received my reward card today (which i had to spend ages on live chat to get sorted as this didnt show up either) with a value of £95 this was supposed to be £150 and i confirmed the ammount on live chat. I dont have the time to day to sit on the phone or live chat so i thought i would post here and hopefully receive some help.

Not the best introduction to BT as having sjy for years everything has always gone smoothly.



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Re: Reward car wrong amount amongst other problems

Hi @ed1980 Sorry that your reward card has been sent with the incorrect amount. 

Would you please send your details to us and we will be able to help you get the reward card amount checked and corrected if necessary. Please include your account number, phone number and url of this thread along with a brief outline of the query and a number we can contact you on during the day. 


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