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Reward card

I chose BT’s Fibre 2 package and ordered on 17 July 2020, switching my broadband supplier because the £110 MasterCard reward card that was part of the package made the overall cost a good saving on my bills. I had a number of problems being connected and put onto the correct speed, and every time I’ve spoken to the complaints or technical team I’ve tried to claim the reward card - I’m told your phoneline staff don’t have any training on this and that it’s not something BT are keen to help with - each time I hold for roughly an hour and then am asked to email. The last time I was told a note had been made on my file, that I should ignore the online page that says I have no rewards to claim, and that I would hear back from the correct team within 5 working days. 2 weeks later, I have nothing from BT again and it feels like every effort is being made to prevent new customers from claiming their reward card. Grateful for any help but I will discourage anyone from joining BT and expecting their package to be as it’s advertised as sadly this has been very misleading in my case. 

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Re: Reward card

Hi @D_hooton and thanks for posting.

I'm sure I'll be able to get to the bottom of this for you. I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch.



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Re: Reward card

I have had the exact same issue. Did it get resolved?
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Re: Reward card

I posted here and contacted BT through a direct message on Twitter and am told a reward card will be posted in the next few days. Certainly more useful than contacting their call centres so I’d recommend that and hopefully it materialises...!
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Re: Reward card

Fingers crossed!!!

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