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Reward me Card issue

I used the following link which to me is the BT site and includes what I saw was a £100 reward me card for super fast fibre which I ordered and got activated yesterday. I went to claim my reward and it said I didn’t have any. The first girl I spoke to (not name any names) was rude and told me BT wouldn’t stand over it as it wasn’t their site (it starts with The only deciding factor for me between sky and Bt for me was the reward me card of £100. The second guy I spoke to was more helpful and said he’s said it with the rewards team and I’ve also opened a complaint. I also got a discounted monthly price through that link so I can’t understand why the discounted price was accurate but apparently the reward card wasn’t?? I don’t see much progress being made unfortunately as I have read similar stories which have taken a month of constant back and forth before BT finally offered the reward me card that was included in the first place. Is there any way I can stream line this process?

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Re: Reward me Card issue

If it was only activated 2 days ago it won't be available to claim yet. Numerous posts on here allude to the fact you have to wait until after 14 days to claim

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