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Rewiring to move Home Hub 5 to Office

I recently moved into a new build built by Bovis and had BT infinity installed this week. The master point was in the hallway so the Home Hub 5 was installed there.


It would be more convenient for me to relocate it to the office if signal loss isn't too bad. Taking apart the master point I see one Cat5e attached to the BT part of the master point using the blue, blue/white pair. I also see another Cat5e with the same pair attached to the lower part of the master point. There is nothing attached to the "extension" pins.


Each room has one or more phone sockets. The office has 3 and my pictures should how they are wired. Now I would assume that the Cat5e wired to the bottom part of the faceplate - i.e. the non-BT part is chained through the phone ports.


  1. Am I correct in thinking that I can take another pair from the Cat5e attached to the non-BT part of the socket and attach these to the "extension part", and then take the matching pair in the office and terminate them in an RJ11 or RJ45 port which the Home Hub 5 can connect to?
  2. Can I run a wire from RJ45 on wall to RJ11 on HH5?
  3. Will I degrade signal / lose speed - I can always try it and see
  4. Will this affect being able to use phones in any of the ports in the house?
  5. How do I maintain the chaining from port to port?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Rewiring to move Home Hub 5 to Office

Now with pictures...
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Re: Rewiring to move Home Hub 5 to Office

Simple answer, no.


On the extention side the signal has alredy passed through the integrate BB filter.

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Re: Rewiring to move Home Hub 5 to Office

Looks to me like the extensions have been kroned onto the (unfiltered) AB terminals on the ssfp (not 2 & 5) on the faceplate. if so you need to make sure any extensions with phones in have a micrfilter attached


If the extension you want to use in the office is the first one after the NTE and your happy for all the other extensions to be left out of the equation ------ then you could do it quite easily (lucky as well it's cat5) - otherwise it would be quite a faff.


Give it a try 'as is' - pop the hub5 in an the extension you want to use and check the stats before and after in the helpdesk section of the hub


if the sync rate drops a lot and the snr shoots up then youll need to hav a rethink





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