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Ring Doorbell Chime - faulty - Positive & Negative wiring reversed

Having connected 2 Ring Chimes to the Ring Doorbell; after a number of months one of these Chimes stopped working. There was no light indicating power on the front of the unit.  Because the reciept could not be found, I decided to look inside the unitto see if there was anything obvious, I could resolve.

When I opened up the unit, I noticed that the live and Neutral connections inside, from the External Pin to the internal post on the curcuit board had been wired the wrong way round. So the live from the power supply was going to the Neutral point on the curuit board - see photos.

I tried 3 times to get Ring to take it seriously. All they could be botheredto say was that because I had opened it, I had vioded the warentee and could not had a replacement.

I do not know if reversing the wiring is a serious hazard or not, but it should give rise to concern I would have thought. And I would think replacing the unit with a correctly wired version should be the absolute least they should have done.Ring ChimeRing ChimeRingChimeRingChime 

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Re: Ring Doorbell Chime - faulty - Positive & Negative wiring reversed

(a) What does this have to do with a BT Retail forum.

(b) Your photos don't show the external connections so impossible to tell how it is wired, however, the correct coloured Live and Neutral wires are attached to the correct points on the PCB.

(c) Reversal would have no impact on its operation.

(d) It worked for a number of months, so not a problem at the outset, the unit has simply gone faulty.

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