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Roaming Internet Access with BT Sims having come from EE (or others?)

This may have been covered before, but just in case it helps anyone else...


Having taken my mobi to Croatia all set up for Roaming I found I could get voice & messaging but not any 3G or 4G data / internet access.


After getting some help on here and then using Live Chat it became apparent that my phone had old APN settings pertaining to EE and that these needed changing to BT settings to enable Roaming Data.


I don't recall being given this info when I moved to a BT SIM, so I share this so that others don't also go abroad armed with useful currency and translation apps etc only to find they can't use them.


Here's the guide Live Chat pointed me to (for Android):


The guide sets up 2 APNs and then says to "Tap the button next to the new APN to set it as the active connection" - I guess this refers to the second APN you've just set up, i.e. the MMS one, but I can't be sure until my next trip abroad!


It'd be good if BT has made this clear to all its new SIM users coming from EE or others - hopefully they do and I just didn't get the memo.

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