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Router Signal Strength

Using a BTHub 6 I have 2 HP wireless printers that have been working perfectly for years. However, recently, both printers stopped working and saying "Not switched on" despite being switched on! When I move the printers nearer the router both work perfectly! It appears that the wireless signal strength has been reduced. 
Can BT control the signal strength of the router or could the router be failing?

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Re: Router Signal Strength

Signal strength cannot be controlled, it is fixed. A couple of things to consider. If you have left Smart wireless on rather than fixing the channel used, the hub may have changed channels thinking it was a less congested channel but in fact it is susceptible to interference. The channel may have remained as previously but a source of interference has cropped up.

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Re: Router Signal Strength

there is no reason for BT to control the strength of your Hub wifi signal.  Have you tried a factory reset of the hub by pressing recessed button on back and holding for 20/30 secs until lights flash?  remember to turn off smart setup after factory reset

As you have hh6 have you split the 2.4/5ghz wireless networks as that often helps printers connecting to 2.4ghz network

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Re: Router Signal Strength

Our bt smart hub has now got a really poor signal strength even stood by it.

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