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Re: Router Suggestions

To be quite honest I could well imagine that.   I would certainly never consider paying good money for one (oh wait, doh!!, I did).  OK, maybe the setup price then, but only because when I can afford a real router it gives me a spare and I wasn't really listening to the implications of what the sales rep was saying when I agreed. Cat Embarassed  And as I said above it actually is performing surprisingly well at the moment, though I have nothing to measure it against other than the quoted connection rate.


On my home line I had a (free) HH4 that I freely admit was totally 100% naff but, then, as a type A it has the Lantiq chipset and mine is a very very long line.  The two just do not and never will go together.


Am I right, that the HH6 Broadcom chipset is a cut down version?  Did I read that somewhere?  I guess that the real thing ought to be able to beat it hands down every time with a set of dedicated developers behind it.  Though my experience at home has also taught me that something else that needs to be factored in is the MSAN/DSLAM at the exchange.  Whether that is down to the chipset too I don't know but I do know it impacts line stability.

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Re: Router Suggestions

Well, on paper, the Smart hub should certainly perform better than it does even though it's supplied by the ISP.


I always get 80/20 sync with a broadcom based modem, but around 74/20 with anything other than broadcom - although I never max out my line to this level anyway so I dont notice the slight loss in sync speed.


Different people have different experiences with various routers / chipsets due to a number of enviromental factors. For some reason Lantiq chips don't like my environement. Both Draytek and Fritzbox were both unstable although I really hoped they would have been as they have very useful features.



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Re: Router Suggestions


Yes, funny thing that.  The Hub should out perform third party kit as it should be optimised for the BT network.  Pity they have all been rather mediocre, poor stability, losing user applied settings or just ignoring them completely, poor wireless.  The list goes on.  The 3 I have (a 1, 3 and 5) all suffered from the above.  Also synced slightly lower than third party kit.  Current setup, Vigor 130 and FritzBox 3390, sync 80/20 at a minimum of 360M from cabinet.  As mentioned before Broadcom cabinet and Lantiq in the kit here.



In any case if you want Broadcom chipset try a Billion.  AC wireless is not essential for the LAN, you will max out your VDSL connection with N.  LAN speeds here, wireless N, are in the region of 13+ MBps.  More than enough for streaming video, a good Infinity 2 connection will give just short of 9MBps.

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