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Routers that have a lantiq chipset

I'm currently using an ECI modem which has a lantiq chipset. I want to connect this modem to a router which also has a lantiq chipset.


Please could you recommend any routers that have a lantiq chipset, or any chipset other than a broadcom chipset.


Ideally I'm trying to exclude G.INP as it causes me issues 

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Re: Routers that have a lantiq chipset

The lantiq chipset is a modem chipset not a router chipset. Modem/ routers may have a Lantiq chipset but it will be in the modem portion of the device. 

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Re: Routers that have a lantiq chipset

Is it you’ve had issues before with a Broadcom based router?

Broadcom are ahead in the WiFi 6 for routers compared to Qualcomm but recently there’s been a snippet about trading but that’s something you would need to Google regarding Broadcom.

Im using an Arm based router but here’s the thing, it does not matter when it comes to chipsets unless you are looking in specs and standards but it’s down to the manufacturer to implement those features and all routers have bugs so firmware comes into play.

Dont forget there are other chipsets inside as well that some use for various processes from WiFi to switches. 

with your ECI modem you can use any router that’s not a combi model, you just need to decide what your requirements for your network are and then narrow down the choice.

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