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Rubbish customer service

Do bt sell hearing aids only I think the customer services should invest in a few. Eleven years of poor service and false promised. Don't expect a serious answer or result. Go elsewhere be warned. Have years of evidence. Look out they'll cut you off in middle if you talk about compensation
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Re: Shocking service

Only eleven years to catch up with me then. False promises and awful service. They never phone back. Complained last night say "complaint" on selection voice you get straight through. Talk about your latest fault been off for over a week. Then mentions compensation fir few days off lo i mentioned eleven years of hell suddenly he said hed phone ne back. Ha ha ha dint make me laugh you wont. On tuesday they say a Bt man knocked but no answer wife in garden all day dogs in garden all day doorbells work must have been wrong house lol. our cctv don't see him or his van. Mmmmmmm
Deja vous.
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