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Rugby Union Highlights programme?

Why are all the showings bundled together under a single Series Link?  Please use the system properly and allocate separate Series Links.


And while you are at it please give the catch up person a kick as they have not yet put up week 4 on the box.  😞


Edit:  Week 4 now available on the box.

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Re: Rugby Union Highlights programme?

Hi gomezz

I think the problem you’re reporting is also applicable to the weekly rugby review programmes. Each week the programme name alternates between  “Live Rugby tonight” and “Live Rugby on tour”. The first  programme of the week goes out on Wednesdays and the subsequent repeats of the programme on Thurs and Friday. For the repeats the “live” is dropped out of the title, but the repeat programmes are linked as episodes of the original wednesday night  “live” programme.


At the beginning of the Rugby season I did a series record on the first Wednesday night’s programme, expecting to get one programme per week – but my current schedule of programmes set to record is:-

This week commencing Wed 11th Oct

BT sports 2HD – Wed 8 pm “live Rugby Tonight”

BT sports 1HD – Thurs 5 AM “live Rugby Tonight”

BT sports 2HD – Thurs 6 pm “live Rugby tonight”

Next week commencing Wed 18th Oct

BT sports 2HD – Wed 10 pm “Live Rugby on Tour”

BT sports 2HD – Thurs 6:15 am “Live Rugby on Tour”


I assume this is all to do with the CRID –  which is covered in my previous posting - The CRID for the weekly rugby matches needs to bridge channels


BT - Can you please explain what your logic is / limitations are,  or just sort it out and give us what we are expecting?

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Re: Rugby Union Highlights programme?

I have another question re this week: We get a 2:30 highlights programme for the league but there is only a one hour programme for the European cup round ths coming weekend?
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Re: Rugby Union Highlights programme?

Well the English Premiership and the Champions Cup would be different rights deals negotiated with different organisations at different times so  it is  quite likely that there will be differences. How long were the highlights last season @gomezz ?

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