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Rural Broadband Fibre - Update in our Area

We live in a rural location and have done for the past 10 years - our broadband supplier has been poor to say the least and we have been made aware Fibre Broadband is going to be installed into our village imminently which will hopefully improve our service into the property. We are both home workers, stream movies and have a your family who ‘Game’ which causes no end of distress when our broadband supply is intermittent which happens DAILY. please could you confirm any updates on your service into HG4 4PW (Ellingstring) please?

 We are currently out of our contract and ready to move across to a hopefully more reliable service from BT when this is installed into our rural village location.

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Re: Rural Broadband Fibre - Update in our Area


Please edit out your phone number as this is a public forum, and you are not allowed to post personal information. Thanks.

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Re: Rural Broadband Fibre - Update in our Area


Now your BT phone number has been edited out, you may wish to look at this page to see what current options are available.

As for any changes to the external network, this would be down to Openreach who would be providing direct fibre connections which would normally be available to all providers.

Only Openreach would know that.


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Re: Rural Broadband Fibre - Update in our Area


You don't live too far from myself and you can gather a load of information from this site 

I have lived here 40 years and although very slow we are getting FTTP installed right now as I type this.

I checked you're location and it looks like you are destined for a Phase 3 deployment with a time schedule 2020 - 2021

Put you're details into the "Where and When" and it gives you more details.

Telephone numbers available on the same site so ring and ask for Matt Roberts who has catered for our needs and been very good.


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