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SD Picture

I have a Question about SD picture on BT box. Why is it so Bad? My HD is Fine when i watch a SD channel I will rather watch on my LG tv than through BT box

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Re: SD Picture

If the YouView box is outputting HD to the TV all of the time, which it does, then SD content has to be upscaled which may cause picture artifacts on your TV, depending on its native resolution.


You may like to try changing the YouView box output resolution to see if that helps.


The TV would be automatically adjusting its resolution between HD and SD, which is why viewing SD direct on the TV, is better.


Perhaps some of the TV experts on here may like to add to this. There may be an optimum setting on the YouView box, perhaps interlaced or progressive?


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Re: SD Picture

TV manufacturers tend to put more effort into how source material is scaled to suit their native display capabilities than STB manufacturers do.  The YouView box is massively better than a Sky+HD box for example and from what I've seen the SkyQ boxes are if anything worse again.  My Panasonic plasma internal receivers produced better SD pictures itself than when using a Sky+HD box with the TV set permenantly to 1080i which was the best the Sky box could do.


The Youview box outputs 1080p and for the most part the TVs own internal decoder is only marginally better on SD than the YV box.  Remeber there is still scaling in play in this scenario since pretty much all broadcast source material is 1080i for HD or 576i for SD because of transmission andwidth limitations.



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Re: SD Picture

I do not see much difference between the youview box and the Tv tuner.
You need to ensure all settings are the same. Generally it is better to switch off any noise reduction and motion settings and also reduce sharpness to avoid artefacts.

Generally I find that the youview box has similar performance than sky boxes on SD channels however the image quality when I connect the satellite feed directly to the Tv is better than any freeview combination.
For HD is pretty much the same
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