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Hello,   I am not a techie but will explain as best i can.


For a number of years I have been a subscriber to SPAREBACKUP.COM which as the name suggests provides a remote backup which is very useful.    Over recent months I became aware the system was not backing up and contacted them.

The response was to delete the programme and start again, which appeared to correct the problem.

Following the festive break I found the system was again not backing up so chatted with them online, and was advised "

I'm sorry you are with spare Back up, and you are on a server that whe are having a problem with at this time."

Asked when i could expect resumption was advised  "I do not have a ETA right now, and there is no way to change you to a new server."     This conversation took place on 9th jan.    Since this date  have tried repeatedly to backup but get a message saying 'check B B connections.'

Anyone had similar experience  ??     The twist is all this happened around the time changes were made to yahoo and Int Exp 9   At this time i was experiencing problems with outgoing e mails since the Color font bold etc were missing from the prep mail.    To overcome this BT suggested I try FIREFOX  which gave back controls, but was a bit messy.   I then discovered Yahoo UK e mails were working without FIREFOX, so I deleted fiirefox.


Would appreciace any observations.     Thanks.


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Hi it looks like the problem is with the company you are dealing with not a BT issue as they have said they had a server issue and have no ETA to fix