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SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

Hello folks


I really am gobsmacked by how badly I have been treated by BT regarding my broadband.  All of a sudden on Tuesday night, my broadband stopped working and the broadband light turned a solid red.  I could not get through to anyone on Tuesday night, so I called when I got back from work on Wednesday.  After the usual tests, I was told I needed to be transfered to another department.  This department said there was a problem in my area and an engineer was working on it and I should be up and running within 48 hours.  It turns out there was not even a problem in my area and I was being lied to. This was confirmed by the fault line.


Called back on Thursday and was told an engineer would need to attend and and an appointment was booked for Friday between 8am and 1pm.  No sign of engineer at 11am. Called and was told he is working on the problem at the exchange.  This was also a lie.  He showed at 1pm and went to the cabs box and did some checks etc and called back at 3pm and said that he has done all his work, another section was currently finishing off the rest of the work and I would be back online for 5pm.  This was also a lie. 5pm came and went and still a red light and no internet.  I called BT and was told that I need to make another appointment for MONDAY.  So the engineer completely lied.  I complained to the call handler and they put the phone down on me!  I called again and was told no managers are available and one would call me back in an hour.  They never bothered to call back.


I am in shock how poor the customer service is for such a big company.  I am still without broadband and I am thinking of contacting Ofcom and the papers.


Really feel at a loss and do not know what to do.  Angry and shocked are the only words to sum up the whole experience.  I will not rest until this has been exposed and dealt with properly.

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Re: SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

Hi please send your issue to the Bt forum Moderation team fill in the web-form at they are a small team who run around and get things sorted 98% of the time if i got a problem I will only go here like at the moment i got a problem with bt vision i know i will get it solved.
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Re: SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

Hi I agree with the previous poster contact the forum mods and get there help they normally reply directly to you by email or phone within 72 hours some times a little longer at weekends
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Re: SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

Thank you for the reply.  I would like to complain to BT and get my money back for the days I have had not had service.  What is the best way to go about this please?


Also, I was told by BT there is level 1 and level 2 engineers and that is why the Level 1 engineer could not do anything on Friday.  Spoke to the eningeer today and he has never heard of level 1 or 2 engineers.  Yet another lie from BT.....

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Re: SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

Hi There is no guarantee of continuous service with residential broadband unfortunately faults and service interruptions do happen not just with BT but all providers

This is from BT terms and conditions of service 
Quality of Service
We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service but we do not guarantee either the quality of the service or that the service will be available at all times. From time to time faults in the service may occur. We will repair these faults as soon as we can.


If you have contacted the forum mods they will get back to you within 72 hours by phone or email and get your connection problems resolved


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Re: SHOCKED by the treatment received from BT

There are different engineers, with different remits, the trouble is Openreach and its  engineers are a  separate company by law,  to treat all ISPs equally. It could be quite easily be a difference of language between two different companies to describe the same definition of varying engineers.  If you intent on making a claim for loss of service I would follow Bts complaint procedure.

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