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SIP expert help required

(slightly beyond the scope of India - but it took nearly 2 HOURS for them to acknowledge the fact)


For the last couple days people have been trying to call me on my BB Talk number (see another post re BBT) but the HH2 does not ring the hub phones. It seems to be about 25% of the calls are failing to being delivered to the HH2. I have a couple of other SIP clients (iPhone, Android) sitting on the BBT number. As I am in a truly rubbish mobile reception area (and the iPhone is 'asleep' - ie no WiFi) the iPhone does not ring until a minute or more so later when the cell can eventually find it. In all cases where the HH2 does not seem to get the ring event, the iPhone will always get it eventually.


I have been using this setup for a couple of years and it is normally perfect, but every few months or so I get this problem and the HH2 will not ring. It only seems to last a few days and then is back to being perfect. The first thing I always do is restart the HH2 and re-login the SIP clients, but until the couple of days is up the HH2 refuses to play ball.


Can any SIP experts out there explain what the cause could be?


Ta, Andy.

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