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SMS/MMS to landlines

How do I stop/ disable my bt mobile from sending SMS/MMS texts to landlines? This is a feature I do not wish to use with my bt mobile contract.
I recently sent a group SMS message to 6 people on their mobiles and although the SMS messages were within my monthly usage limit I was billed for sending 6 MMS texts to their landlines.
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Re: SMS/MMS to landlines

Have a look at  I'm being charged for texts when I thought they were included in my plan


Typically, phones will convert text messages into picture messages when:

  • you send a group text message
  • your text has a non-standard smiley or symbol (such as an emoticon or emoji)
  • your text goes over the character limit (on some phones this is 160 characters, but on others it's more)
  • you add text to the subject field

On some phones you can clearly see when this happens - for example, you might see a character count changing to a file size.

Some phones let you switch this function off, or enable you to set up an alert when it happens. You'll need to check the manual or go to the support website for your phone to see to do.

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Re: SMS/MMS to landlines

The charge for MMS would apply whether your messages were going to landline or mobile. 

If you would like to protect yourself from the risk of MMS charges I'd recommend switching it off in your phone settings.  

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Re: SMS/MMS to landlines

I will do some more digging. In the meantime I will create separate entries for mobile and landline numbers on these particular group members
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