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SMTP - Iphone 5



I've recently been asked to change my email password, twice in the past week. 


This time it has affected my outgoing mail, incoming is fine.  The error simply says either user name or passwrod is incorrect.


I've checked the settings, the are correct to what is suggested.


I've deleted the account and re-added it but it hasn't helped.


Can you help please.....what exactly are the SMTP setting supposed to say...


Currently mine say:

Host Name --

Username -- as set up for email

Server Port -- 25


Getting quite frustrated with this!





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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

Try this instead.


Outgoing SMTP server

Security type    SSL

Port    465

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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

Hi Keith,


Changed the port 465.


The message I get is


"Cannot Send Mail...The username or password for SMTP ...... is incorrect."



I can't see where the issue could be username or password, everything incoming is fine.





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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

Perhaps someone has hacked into your account?

How to check if your BT Yahoo e-mail address has been hacked


Who asked you to change your password? Are you sure it was genuine, and not a phishing attempt?


I cannot imagine BT or Yahoo sending you such a request.



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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

Just a thought: the SMTP server needs authentication, is that in your phone's settings?

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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5



It seems to be working now....not sure why or how, it just is.


I wasn't emailed the request, the change in password was forced when I tried to log in.  There was no chance of getting into my account without changing the password.


I've checked for the usual signs of being hacked, a full scan has been done on my pc.  I did this each time and didn't find anything.





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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

Hi Michael,


Yes, it went through the verification process, gets the tick that all is okay.


It was when I tried to send email from my phone that the message came up saying the password or username  was incorrect.

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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5



My posting here might help:


Re: SMTP problem[ Edited ]

I've had this problem since the 1st October.


BT have been utterly USELESS, and in denial.


It is affecting sending mail on my Talk 21 account via my Outlook 2010 client.

It is affecting sending my Daughter's mail on her Talk 21 account via her Microsoft Mail client.


It is affecting sending mail on my Android mail client on my Samsung Galaxy.


Until BT sorts this out, the fixes are...


A very helpful ISP gave me their SMTP mail servers details - so I'm still on for POP3 incoming mail, but using my ISP for SMTP outgoing mail.


My mobile was a little different and took some playing about.

I deleted my account (on the phone) and tried to reinstate it as POP3 (as it was POP3 before BT's server problems).


The account did reinstate as an IMAP account (the easiset thing to do if you don't mind IMAP) but that was deleting mail on the server.


I managed to set it up, manually, as POP3, using as the POP3 incoming mail sever, but used: as the SMTP outgoing mail server and everything now works (as it did).


NOTE: You do have to persevere wit the mobile server, as it returns 'e-mail and password incorrect' erroneously, just for fun - you'll think you've made a typo, or are going mad, but it's just BT f*cking up once more.


The only problem is, Yahoo is going to disengage sooner or later, and this is not a long-term fix.


To date, I have seen nothing, and BT has put nothing, in writing about this server problem and, frankly, it's disgusting.


Hope some of the above helps.

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Re: SMTP - Iphone 5

If you are on another ISP, then its quite likely you will have to use their own SMTP server for sending mail, and it would have to be authenticated, to prevent it being used as a spam relay.


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