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SMTP server not working - being told "Windows 10 issue" and I'll need to pay £25.00 to get support?

So I can't send out e-mail using my BT Connect e-mail address via Outlook 2013 and Windows 10.


This come off the back of getting a "mail relay denied" error which we're still waiting for a reply on from


Phones BT support (again) and, after unsuccessfully testing various SMTP settings - made all the more confusing because BT have, for some reason, registered 2 e-mail accounts for me - and - they are claiming that this is a "Windows 10 issue" and that I'll have to pay £25.00 for a one off support incident or pay a monthly subscription for "improved" support.


I have BT Business Broadband and am stuck unable to use my BT e-mail address outwith BT web mail.  Seriously?


We have the following incoming server address:


We're tried the following outgoing SMTP server addresses:


We've got the SMTP requires authentication ticked, and have double checked our username/password credentals in there.


We have incoming (POP3) server port of 995

"This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" checked

Outgoing server (SMTP) is 587 and it's a TLS encrypted connection.


"Test Account Settings" returns a successful test yet any messages we create remain in the Outbox and, yes, we've deleted them all, recreated them all, closed Outlook after every settings change, re-opened Outlook.


Anyone else having this problem or is this an ugly attempt by BT to push people into paid support on the pretence that it's, somehow, related to Windows 10?


There's something stinks about this and the phone operators hastily mention of "you'll need to pay for support as this is a Windows 10 issue" seemed awfully convenient and highly suspicious.


We also haven't had a reply or resolution to a previous case (pre-Windows 10), relating to the SMTP server, that BT already identified as a genuine fault (our mail relay issue).


Would appreciate any advice / help on this.  Thank you.



PS. Oh, and I have no desire to use webmail thank you.


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Re: SMTP server not working - being told "Windows 10 issue" and I'll need to pay £25.00 to

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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Re: SMTP server not working - being told "Windows 10 issue" and I'll need to pay £25.00 to


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