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SNR FIXED THIRTEEN MONTH FAULT!!!!! but BT compensation joke

November the 5th an engineer came to my property and found an SNR fixed the problem,also this was one of three engineer visits and shedloads of Indian call centre chats that solved nothing, i finally have a working broadband that does not drop out anymore,well i pay a lot a month for phone and broadband and wanted some sort of compensation as they still took my money when the problem was ongoing and dragged it out far to long till it was fixed by making a fortune out of me!! i got a good will gesture of £10 ....that's right folks tenpounds compensation for thirteen months broadband dropping out and another £150.00 ALSO WASTED  over the twelve month contract of my BT VISION UNLIMITED....which was really limited to nothing as the whole year was spent watching my tv freeze,pixelate and VO4 error constantly. My contract runs out in March so BT are getting a size 10 boot up the @rse and i will find another broadband and tv provider as BT are truly the worst provider with possibly the worst customer care i have had the privilage to encounter. good **bleep** riddance March 2013.

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