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SNR on BT Smart Hub and connection speed


Wonder if anyone could help me please?

I live in a rural area and had a line speed of 2.5mbps. Following a visit by an openreach engineer, the speed improved to 4.5mpbs. However, over time the speed gradually slows back down to 2.5 mbps. He explained that the SNR margin may be increased to improve the connection reliability, but possibly at the expense of speed.

I therefore have two questions I would appreciate help on: 1) Is it possible for me to determine what the SNR is currently set to via my BT Smart Hub and 2) is it possible/how would I go about reducing the SNR so I can achieve the 4.5mpbs speeds again? Thank-you.

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Re: SNR on BT Smart Hub and connection speed

If you log in to the hub at and navigate to Advanced Settings > Technical Log > Information, all the information will be shown.

You cannot do anything to reduce SNRM as it is an automatic process. However, if the speed is dropping it indicates taht there is still a fault with your line. If you carry out a quiet line test by dialling 17070 do you hear any noise? It should be completely silent. You need to carry out the test by connecting to the test socket behind the removable faceplate of the master socket, this will ensure that your internal wiring is disconnected and not affecting the line.

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Re: SNR on BT Smart Hub and connection speed

Thank-you, will do as you suggest

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Re: SNR on BT Smart Hub and connection speed

Hi @Darnicmax 

Thanks for your post!

How did you get on trying the advice that @licquorice gave you below and how is your connection performing?  Let us know 😊



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