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SOLUTION! You have to be pushy ...

Just rang again ... got through within 5 minutes.

We have BT VISION+ UNLIMITED and BT INFINITY, activated BT Sport and have app/online access only. The call receiver said "You need to order a viewing card" to watch on the TV. I argued with have infinity and don't. He kept responding "you still need a viewing card".

Insisited I speak to a manager. He disappeared came back to say "my manager says you need a viewing card". Again I argued back and said I want to speak to the manager.

The manager came on, again mentioned the viewing card ... I then read out the website where it says we don't. He says like me check what you have and returned saying bear with me.

He came back on and said we have an "order activiation for the app/online but not the box so I've submitted that request. You should have BT Sport on your TV within 48 hours."

He also denied that there had been a high demand of calls over the weekend due to BT Sport!!

So hopefully within 48 hours I should be sorted ... took his name and will chase up if it doesn't!!

Looks like you have to know exactly what you need as they don't know themselves!!

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