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SSL error on primary account

Just recently I've been having issues with email on my primary a/c on Thunderbird.  Thunderbird a.lees1 error- 2019-08-06 at 10.31.04.jpg

(I know I know but it still doesn't explain it) I am running XP SP3 with Thunderbird 9.0 (the latest for my system) and have several email addresses setup, some from other providers and others being secondary btinternet(bt/yahoo platform) addresses.

All work initially then the primary a/c fails with the above for instance when writing an email and it won't save the draft, or other times it refuses to send even though it will if I select the SMTP of another server. 

I've deleted the a/c from Thunderbird and then recreated it allowing the auto-detected settings to take place with the above result again. 

The recalcitrant a/c is working fine on my Android phone and on the web interface.



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