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Sainsburys gift card wrong amount

I ordered BT phone and Infinity 2 services online on January 4, when the BT offer was for a £100 Sainsburys gift card.  The phone service was migrated from our previous provider on January 22, and Infinity 2 was installed on February 6. I claimed the Sainsbury gift card on February 7.


Today, February 27 I have received a sainsburys gift card. the gift card. There was no covering letter or indication of the value on the card. I have registered the card with Sainsburys and by using the Sainsburys 'Manage my card' function I have checked the balance. It is £60 - £40 less than the amount I am due.


Please tell me how this can be resolved. I have had various other issues with the order, and have already spent many hours trying to get those resolved, so I would like to get this sorted out without having to spend many more hours on the phone, writing emails and getting even more frustrated.



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Re: Sainsburys gift card wrong amount

Hi hg144,


Welcome to the community forum. I am sorry to hear you received your voucher for the wrong amount. I can get this investigated. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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Re: Sainsburys gift card wrong amount

Thanks PaddyB,

I have completed the Contact form as requested. In addition to the order and account details I have explained that subsequent to posting here, I mentioned this issue in passing to one of the people who is trying to get an Account Holder status issue resolved.  (the Bt system will not let me confirm that I am the accoun holder, and is thus preventing me from setting up and using several elements of the complete BT broadband package).


The BT person has offered to look in to this gift card issue, so for now it would be best for you not to spend time on this, at least not without making contact - I have included the name and BT department in the Contact form.



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