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Same programme recorded

on occasions when Series Link is selected on our  DTRT 2100  BT Youview box ND & HD versions of the same programme are recorded and sometimes actual time and plus an hour. I’ve tried searching forum and can’t find anything. Anybody able to explain this?



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Re: Same programme recorded

You will find some examples on the YouView Community forum as generally such issues seem to relate to Freeview channels.   For example

Series Linking is  driven by the data (CRIDS) that the broadcasters elect to setup. 

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Re: Same programme recorded

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Re: Same programme recorded

Thanks for the reply postings, I’ve checked the suggested threads and nice to see it’s not a problem unique to me. Afraid the reasons for the duplication were too technical for me to understand. However hopefully they will be fixed soon along with the ability to jump to a time in a recording.

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Re: Same programme recorded

it's the same here, I go to the trouble of searching out new 'new' programmes… Air Crash investigation on Nat Geo for example. But if I do a series link record, it now records every single episode going back 10 years ago ! Perhaps it's just me since Sky certainly never used to do this. Basically it means I have to remember to set the programmes I want to record manually every week at the moment unless I want my entire disk filling up with stuff I already watched.

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