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Scam Call charges by BT

I have been charged nearly £50 for a call that I did NOT make. BT refuse to acknowledge that I did not make the call. This number is all over the net for scamming people by making it look like to called the number when you didnt


BT customer service are useless and refuse to do anything about the charges.

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Re: Scam Call charges by BT

Hi if you are unhappy and think you have been scammed you need to call Action Fraud to report a fraud, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Scam Call charges by BT

That number is all over Google like a bad rash like you say.

Are you saying nobody dialled the number from your house? Can you compare the time of the call with what you were doing at that time?

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Re: Scam Call charges by BT

Genuine question to anyone who would does the scam work i.e. how can the charges appear on your bill if you didn't make the call to the number?

Is it somehow reversed charged by you answering a call from the number Would it therefore be avoided if I see a call coming from a premium rate number i.e. 09 and not answer it at all?

Just want to educate myself to make sure I can prevent it from happening to me and others.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Scam Call charges by BT

Hi, if the call was incoming and you answered it, did it ask you to press any buttons ie press 1 to talk to someone, 2 to stop calls etc. If so, DON'T, as even though the call is incoming you may still be charged (by the scammers, not BT of course) because you pressed a button, even though the call was incoming and maybe that is the reason why the charge is on your phone bill.

Like I suggested before you need to report this number to Action Fraud.

If the number rings you don't answer it or press any buttons if you do, and just put the phone down.

Otherwise it's a mystery why you were charged for an outgoing call you didn't make, so maybe someone else on here can assist with any more suggestions. Thanks 



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