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Scam Call

Hi All,


First off this is not a complaint to BT, this is a friendly “Heads Up” about a scam that’s doing the rounds.


You’ll get a call from some guy claiming to be calling from Microsoft, he’ll say that there have been reports of malicious software/viruses coming from your PC.


I got called today from an Indian guy saying his name was Sam Cooper. I got him to hold on while I got a pen and paper. I then repeatedly asked for his number so I could call him back, surprisingly he hung up.


Had I played along, no doubt I would have asked for a fee for some software to clean the viruses off.


Your PC could be filled to the brim with viruses and Microsoft will never call you.


So please consider this a friendly warning, and if you have elderly relatives with a computer, let them know too, they are prime targets for scum like “Mr Cooper”.



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Re: Scam Call

That's been around for a while. There's a more recent version with the scammer claiming to be with BT.

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Re: Scam Call

@Shad wrote:

Hi All,



I got called today from an Indian guy saying his name was Sam Cooper.  

Straight away the bells must be ringingSmiley Wink



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Re: Scam Call

Thanks for the heads up. It helps that warnings like this are made readilily available online. Not everybody readas the news paper, you know.


Just the other day, a neighbor reported a similar call to the local police in our area. This man who said his name was Derrick Austin called my neighbor Amy and she was told that Derick's company, PC Solutions, detected infected files on her computer and that it should be removed as soon as possible. Derrick offered to help, to which Amy was thankful for because her computer was indeed not working properly. Amy allowed the caller remote access to her computer, do everything to it and afterwards, paid him $50 for the service. Amy asserted that her computer was working fine and all and she was okay. But when she checked her credit card account online later that day, she noticed unusual charges. One was $400 for computer system upgrade and anti-virus installation. There was $150 for some hair spa treatment, $580 for some designer bag and a lot more. She contacted her card companyh right away and she was informed that the charges were made earlier that day, almsot the same time after Derrick took her cc detials and supposedly charged her $50 for the PC service.

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Re: Scam Call

The phone number the scammer used was 206-456-0661. Did anybody get a call from them, too? 


The funny thing was, when I looked the phone number, it came up here at with more than 20 complaints associated with the caller.

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Re: Scam Call

Ditto - this is an "older" scam (reportedly back to 2008 - just the name and problem changes...they're moving with the times, from Microsoft to now on behalf of all broadband providers (including BT)) and I like the idea of keeping them on the line for a loooonnnnggg time so that they can't get a hold of the less savvy, elderly, vulnerable, etc.


I've seen it in these posts, so thank you, but please do share on your own family and friend networks - the more people that know, the better.


Now, next time, Lewis or Sam from Bengali call, it'll take me about 5 minutes to virtually start the PC, have to retype the website URL many times because I didn't know if he was saying B or V or T and then, oops, it crashed, he'll have to wait a bit longer...all the while, I'll be filing my nails and not anywhere near my computer!! Woman Wink


If only we could robot back onto their systems and give them a taste of their own medicine!


Good luck everyone, stay safe and thanks all for sharing here...


PS - the first time they rang, I asked for a phone number to ring them back on when it was more "convenient" they provided: 0800 666 4567 but said it wouldn't be a free call.  I've not tried to ring it - but just another thing to keep an eye out for...

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Re: Scam Call

Hi, i had a call in September from someone claiming to be from from BT it started off:

Q; we have been monitoring you computer for the last two weeks there have been a number of faults etc.

R: we have been on holiday for the last two weeks the computer was turned off?

Q: Over the last week your computer....

R: You are not listening to me the computer was off

Q: over the last few days....

Q: If you are from BT you will know what faults i have reported over the last few month? what are they.

R: no reply
Q: i do not want to waste any more time goodbye.


Since then i have had calls from people claiming tobe from Microsoft and three or more calls from someone claiming to be from BT the latest was "Edward"only a few mins ago.

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Re: Scam Call

These scams are all well known it is important to be alert at all times
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Re: Scam Call

Been a while since I've had one of these calls, but I do so enjoy stringing them along and listening to the excitement in their voices as they pass the call down the line, and believe they are closing in on their prey.


I've gotten a little more sophisticated in my approach these days though; I'll make mistakes and ask for the instructions again, and make up messages on the screen (today's was "Unable to contact host"), all in an effort to prolong the call and increase their costs in time and money, and I like the thought of all that adrenaline going to waste.  Sounding very upset and panicked really on the PC reboot really had them licking their lips.


Today's call came from David at the highly reputable company PC Visits, calling from number 01359241167.  Managed to drag the call out to just under 22 minutes.

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Re: Scam Call

LOL - My favourite trick, one I have got my elderly friend to do, is to string them along for several minutes, and then she tells them "Hang on, I have just got to plug this box thingy in that my son who is a policeman told me too..."


Their reply?



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