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Scam alert!

I recieved a phone call today from a man with an Indian accent telling me he was from BT and had I noticed a decline in my internet speed. I said I hadn't and he then went on to ask how many devices I had linked up to the internet, I lied and said a random number. He then asked which was the main one, again I lied and said my laptop, he then wanted me to turn my laptop on and enter a program in to the windows program eventvwr I wasn't happy with this as I had no idea what it would do with my laptop and didn't know who he actually was as he gave me no details to confirm my account, which is actually in my partners name and usually they ask for him, so immediately thought this could be a scam.. When I asked him to provide me with some details of who he was he avoided the question and asked if I'd run the program and I said no because I thought it was a scam and he hung up! Glad I have my wits about me!
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