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Scam & prank calls

Keep getting CONSTANT hoax and scam calls claiming they are from BT, amazon and microsoft. Please sort it out bt!!! 

they call and either hang up, play a recorded message or pretend to be from bt or amazon, i ask for their name and what account number are they calling about and they never can tell a real one! Clearly preying on elderly and unaware customers who fall for scams. 

numbers are 07952 xxxxxx on ee

07958 xxxxxx
on giff gaff, i have tried blocking them but they jsut use another number, they have unlimited phones and are probably from a professional scammers call centre gang

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Re: Scam & prank calls

this is a customer help customer forum - your post does not go to BT

the calls are from spoofed numbers and there is nothing BT or nay other ISP can do to stop it  there are numerous posts like yours

I would delete numbers

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Re: Scam & prank calls

You'll get more as well if you don't delete your numbers from this public webpage

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Re: Scam & prank calls

Why delete the  numbers that are calling me? Those are not my personal numbers lol


think you got the wrong end of the stick guys

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Re: Scam & prank calls

The way you phrased it it read as if those were your numbers. You may know what you meant to say but it wasn't clear from your post

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