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Scam call - IP address compromised & text from BT

I have just received a call from a UK mobile number (sounded like an Indian call centre) claiming to be BT Openreach and telling me that my IP address has been compromised.  I was sceptical but the first thing they did was send me a text from BT to confirm it was a genuine call with a security code (they knew my mob no.) I receive texts from BT occasionally regarding faults etc. and the text I received from this person was from BT - or at least it came from the same BT text number that I receive all of the BT texts.

So, I was taken in, for a while at least.  During the call, I searched and found information on this message board which confirmed to me that it was a scam call.  So, thank you to the people in this community and I thought I should post to let people know about their ability to text from BT - which I am so surprised about.

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Re: Scam call - IP address compromised & text from BT

Just an update.  I spoke to BT and the explanation for the scammer being able to text me using the BT text number  (who already had my email address) is that the scammer would have had the BT email web page open and clicked on 'forgotten password' which would generate a text to me just at the right time during our conversation.

With hindsight, not that clever but it did fool me into thinking this was BT for a few minutes at the time.

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