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Scam email

i have had 2 emails in the last two days apparently from BT requesting that I update my details or my broadband would be suspended. Stupidly I logged in and got a proforma page asking for specific information e.g. Name, address etc; date of birth; and credit cards details !!!! I pay by direct debit so knew then that this was a scam. Despite the web pages looking exactly like legitimate BT pages none of the links would work. I immediately changed my password and checked my account - all seems ok. I forwarded the emails to phishing@bt.com. This scam also happened to a friend. Please BT do something about this.

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Re: Scam email

Not sure what you think BT can do about this type of email. BT just would not ask for that sort of information by email

this is a common type of email from many sources - banks, PayPal, amazon, etc

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Re: Scam email

It has nothing what so ever to do with BT that scammers are sending out those types of email just as it would have nothing to do with the Royal Mail if you received scam post.

As has been pointed out BT will never ask you to update your account etc via email and you should NEVER click on any links contained in an unsolicited email unless you know for sure  a) who sent you the email and b) you know exactly where the link will take you.

You can establish the answer to both these questions if you hover your mouse over a) the senders email address, it will show where it came from not just the address that it purports to have come from and b) the web address of where the link will send you if you click on it.

If you are ever asked to verify your account details for anything not just BT you should log onto the actual account's website and do it from there, not via an email link.

For further info see this link from BT. (if you hover your mouse over it you will see the web address it is taking you to)



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