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Re: Search Function not working properly

This has recently started to happen to me too.

I KNOW for definate that i have several messages in my Inbox containing a specific keyword, yet 'ALL : Search Mail' does not find them. Ironically it does report two items in my 'Drafts' folder - which in fact is EMPTY ! i have tried two different keywords and both have the same result.

I have tried the same searches in IE, Firfox and Google, and all return the same result, - two items in my Drafts, none anywhere else.


BT - what is wrong ???


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Re: Search Function not working properly

I have the same problem and this has been the situation for some months. In a search result is shows emails in my sent and draft folders even though the emails in question are no longer in these folders.
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Re: Search Function not working properly

I have had the same problem for a number of months. It is irritating as the search function used to work really well. I am aware that you can download to Outlook etc, but sometimes want to check personal emails while away from my own laptop. It is as if the search is using an old copy of your emails - so maybe  why the search throws up copies of emails in "drafts" ?


Is someone in BT going to respond to this thread (and many others on the same subject) to explain their plans for fixing this. If not it would be better to remove it as an option rather than providing a function that is not fit for purpose.

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Re: Search Function not working properly

My problem is that Search only throws up emails from 2015 and earlier and shows no emails for 2016.  Been on to BT and they inform me that I am on the Yahoo platform who are aware of the problem and it should take 8 - 10 days to resolve - wait and see!  It is very time consuming trying to find an email I am sure I received

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