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Second address emails not being received - Premium account


Sorry if this sounds basic.

About 20 years iv'e been a happy premium account holder.  I use Web based, nothing on the laptop.

I have 2 addresses I use (and a BT21 one that has been obsolete for many years) - Normally,  the second address emails are automatically forwarded to "Main" address automatically, worked fine since setting up of second address 15 years ago.

Second address has received what looks to be a genuine BT email.  First few lines below.

It's true I can no longer receive emails, I've tried from two other different providers. 

The "Simple step - by step instructions", tells me are, as I use Web mail  "Update your Browser Bookmarks".

I use Google Chrome.  I haven't got a clue what to do, can someone in very simple words walk me though it, starting with "Point your curser at......."  This is of course for my laptop.



My Android phone, I log into each time I access emails, I don't use a phone App, and I have the same problem


Sorry if this sounds very basic, I am great with Marine diesel engines, but very low on IT skills, Thank you in advance.



You’ll no longer receive new emails; update your settings today
We've updated you to our new, improved BT email service.
What do I need to do now?
To start receiving new emails on this service, you need to change your email settings on this device. Don’t worry, it's straightforward.
Simply go to and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
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Re: Second address emails not being received - Premium account

Are you a  BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium Email account?

If you are neither of the above your email account will have been downgraded to a BT Basic email account. 

This does not allow the use of email clients/apps.

See link.

if you are one of the above, you only need to change your settings if you use an email client/app 

See link.

If you only use a web browser to access your email, you should try clearing the browser's history and cookies and then close and re-open the browser and try your email to see if it sends and receives.

If you had forwarding set up you will need to go into the email accounts settings to check that the forwarding is still active.

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Re: Second address emails not being received - Premium account

I had the same thing. I don't think it was anything to do with email client settings and I doubt it's got anything to do with premium vs basic service.

What had happened to me was that my secondary address had also been set to forward its emails to my favoured address. When BT migrated the secondary address away from Yahoo its migration process was not clever enough to replicate that setting. The fix was to use to log on to the secondary address email, find the setting for auto-forward and set it up again. I found two complications:

1. BT's help information is out of date so the setting is not where they say. Just had to hunt around a bit.

2. The auto-forward setting only works for subsequent emails. What I did was set up an email client temporarily to connect directly with the secondary address as well as with my favoured one and then manually move the emails that had not been forwarded from the secondary address inbox to the other inbox.

BT's new service may be better, but they haven't bothered much about details of this sort.


Hope that helps

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Re: Second address emails not being received - Premium account

Thanks, sorry I had not replied earlier.  Time and internet connectivity are difficult for me.

I will try to work through your suggestion in the next few days, maybe a week, and come back with the results, although it sounds like testing my IT skills, but I'll give it a try, or two.

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