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Security concerns


I have been with BT for just 6-7 weeks as a Broadband only customer and I am very happy with what I have.

However, having never once having been the victim of online fraud during the 12 years I have spent with my bank, my account has been attacked on four separate occasions since switching to BT from 3 Mobile Broadband.

The protection on my Windows 10 PC consists of Avast Internet Security, Superantispyware and Advanced SystemCare. I don't know what else I can do for additional protection.  No other person uses my PC and no other person has access to my debit card.  It just seems weird that never having never been attacked before, I have been attacked four separate times during the few weeks I have been with BT.

All four invasions on my bank account were mounted by a money transfer outfit I have never even heard of called Swift-Send

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Re: Security concerns

Hi, swift is the system that banks use in order to transfer money from bank to bank and has nothing to do with BT.

Make sure that any antivirus software you are using has come from reliable sources as often scammers will often pretend to offer you such software, but instead will take money from you.

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Re: Security concerns



You would need to uninstall any existing ant-virus software first, before using Norton.

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