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Securityn of router (BT Hub)


First time here so hello to all.

Just set up my router (BT Hub) having just switched to BT fibre. Concerned that, even though they cannot be changed without using the admin password (which has been changed from the pre set one) the settings of the router,. including of course my wi-fi access password, can be seen by typing the router address in a browser and then clicking on the boxes when access is established to the router?

With my previous router (TP) you could not see anything until you had entered an admin name and then a password.

Surley this BT set up leaves my wi-fi vulnerable if any one hacks into the router and they could also see if any devices where connected, and if not, make an assumption no one was at home!

Looking forward to others comments, maybe I am missing something.


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Re: Securityn of router (BT Hub)

Your browser has probably saved the admin name and password as you need both before you can access. Hub manager and wifi information. Try different browser

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Re: Somebody tried to connect to my smart TV!!

They have to be connected to your network via the Homehub before they can access the Homehub management pages.

This means that they have to overcome your wireless password first, which while not totally impossible would take some considerable time or they would have to plug directly into your Homehub via an Ethernet cable and I would suggest if they have managed to plug directly into your Homehub by Ethernet they are already in your house and you are not at home.

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Re: Securityn of router (BT Hub)

Thanks for your reply with possible answer to my problem and the general info.
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Re: Somebody tried to connect to my smart TV!!

Thanks for that gg30340.

Your reply along with that of imjolly's made me investigate further, first error was accesings the hubs ip address using my mobile, as a test, which of course was connected by wi-fi so I was able to access hub, disconnected wi-fi and tried over internet and result was 'site cannot be found'. Have also found that after entering the ip address into a browser while all boxes on home page can be accessed from desk top PC without hub admin pasword the wi-fi password is not visable in the 'Wireless' box. No 'Advance Settings' can be seen at all without password. From your reply I also now understand the ip address would probably need to be known to start any hack attempt.

So now reasonably happy and looking forward to my 55mbps have been struggling along on 3mbps ADSL up untill now as we are as far away from our exchange as we can be running over a lot of copper.


Once again many many thanks.

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